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Rainbow Chicken Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Chicken is just your average, ordinary, everyday chicken, except that she developed a striped pastel pattern to her plumage after a rainbow fell on her one day. Can you imagine that? I want a rainbow to fall on me too!

She lives in the woods near the picnic and lays pastel-colored eggs in springtime. These eggs look a lot like candy. But are they? You’ll have to stayed tuned for Part 2 of “The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken” to find out! In the meantime, crochet a rainbow chicken. She’d look super cute in someone’s Easter basket.

Mama Rainbow Chicken Crochet Pattern from Squirrel Picnic

Rainbow Chicken Crochet Pattern

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You’re Invited to the Fatimals New Year’s Eve Party!

Join us on Facebook this Monday evening to countdown to 2013 with Hodge’s and Podge’s dear friends the fatimals. They’ll be posting photos of the events from 8:00 p.m. to midnight, so you can be in on all the action. I’ll be sure to post a recap here on New Year’s Day as well. These are some serious party fatimals, so you know it’s sure to be a good time!

Great Packing Idea from Mom

When sending out Christmas packages to your grown children this year, instead of using bubble wrap, use their old stuffed animals. As a friend of mine mentioned, it’s an eco-friendly way to tell your children, “It’s time for you to get your junk out of my house. Mom wants a craft room!”

Mom's Packing Tip