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Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Pattern for Your Squirrel Friend or Your Tree


Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater DayOver the last decade in the US, Canada, and England, the ugly Christmas sweater has become a part of the seasonal celebration. And now there’s even a day designated to celebrate this trend: and you’re in luck, it’s today. On National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, folks wear sweaters elaborately decorated with winter and holiday designs to work or school, they attend ugly-sweater-themed parties, and they compete for the title of Ugliest Sweater in the Room and such.

Hodge and Podge are fascinated by the growing popularity of this trend. Around the picnic table this week, they discussed how young and old, rich and poor, everyone enjoys an ugly Christmas sweater. “Can you believe that there are ugly sweater stores?” I heard Hodge ask. I think he and Podge were seriously considering an ugly sweater business venture for a moment there. What can I say, they love their Christmas sweaters. And they certainly look cute in them. As for me, I celebrate anything that supports the popularity of needlecraft, and I must admit I’ve owned my fair share of ugly sweaters.

What about you? Do you own a Christmas sweater? Do you think they are ridiculous? Do you wear one because it is ridiculous?  What’s your motivation? I’m so curious to hear.

In celebration of Christmas sweaters everywhere, I crocheted ugly sweaters for our squirrel friends — Hodge, Podge, and Eric.

You, too, can make one for your squirrel friend. It’s simple — crochet the sweater using my free pattern, then embellish it to your heart’s content.

output_l8WUDO (1)

Feel free to use whatever you have around the house: glitter, buttons, felt, beads, or parts from the Christmas ornaments that either have broken or you just don’t like anymore. I didn’t really have anything Christmassy to use, but I did find these clever things called Spangles for under $2. It’s basically just a bag full of lightweight metal sequins cut into a plethora of different shapes. Most of the sequins have holes so you can sew them onto things.

Spangles are fun

There’s probably a thousand pieces in that bag of Spangles, so I could easily make hundreds of squirrel sweaters if I wanted to… or one human-sized sweater… But I digress.

Next, I put the embellished sweaters on my squirrels very carefully. Having detachable tails really helped a bunch. I was able to slide the sweater on and button the top of the tail to the head.

If you don’t have a squirrel friend, these would make really cute ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just make a doll-sized clothes hanger out of a metal paperclip using this tutorial from Agus Yornet. Then, slip your ugly sweater on and hang it on your tree.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament by Squirrel Picnic

Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Pattern for Your Squirrel Friend
(or as an ornament for your Christmas tree)

Difficulty rating 2Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Your Squirrel FriendsMaterials

Worsted-weight yarn in color of your choice
Worsted-weight yarn in a contrasting color (optional)
Crochet hook in size suitable for your yarn (See note below)
Tapestry needle
Any embellishments you choose (consider glitter, sequins, beads, gems, little bells, paint, puff paint, felt, or embroidery)


I used a size C-2 (2.75 mm) crochet hook and Caron Simply Soft in red, kelly green, and white for my sweaters. Feel free to play around with color. Make a sweater out of one color. Make it striped. Make it striped on the bottom and solid on the top.



Ch 12.

Row 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea ch across, ch 1, turn. (11)

Row 2: Sc in ea sc across, ch 1, turn.

Rows 3-5: Rep row 2.

Beginning divide for neck:

Row 6: Sc in next 5 sc, turn. (5)

Row 7: Sk 1st sc, sc in next 4 sc, ch 1, turn. (4)

Row 8: Sc in ea sc across, turn.

Row 9: Sk 1st sc, sc in next 3 sc, ch 1, turn. (3)

Row 10: Sc in ea sc across, turn.

Row 11: Sk 1st sc, sc in next 2 sc. (2)


Second side of neck:

With RS facing, pull up a loop at the end of Row 5, ch 1.

Row 6: Sc in next 5 sc, turn. (5)

Row 7: Sk 1st sc, sc in next 4 sc, ch 1, turn. (4)

Row 8: Sc in ea sc across, turn.

Row 9: Sk 1st sc, sc in next 3 sc, ch 1, turn. (3)

Row 10: Sc in ea sc across, turn.

Row 11: Sk 1st sc, sc in next 2 sc, ch 1, turn. (2)

Row 12: Sc in next 2 sc, ch 7, sc in next 2 sc, ch 1, turn.


Row 13: Sc in next 2 sc, sc 7 into ch-sp, sc in next 2 sc, ch 1, turn. (11)

Rows 14-21: Sc in ea sc across, ch 1, turn.

Row 22: Sc in ea sc across. FO.


Pull up a loop at the end of Row 6, ch 1 and sc in that st.

Sc in the st at the end of ea row over the next 12 rows, ch 1, turn. (13)

Sc in ea sc across.

FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Repeat on the opposite side.


Using the long tails, sew side and sleeve seams.

Fit your sweater on your squirrel before adding an edging to the neck. Unless it’s already pretty snug, add a sc edging around the neck opening with a contrasting color.

And now the fun part, embellish the heck out of your sweater.

To Make Your Sweater into an Ornament

Make a hanger out of a paperclip using this handy tutorial. Slip your sweater onto the hanger and you’re all set. If you’re afraid the two might become separated, go ahead and sew a few stitches to secure the hanger to the inside of the sweater.

Ugly Sweater Ornament by Squirrel Picnic

See a mistake or something I overlooked, please let me know in the comments or at squirrelpicnic{at}gmail{dot}com. Thanks!



14 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Pattern for Your Squirrel Friend or Your Tree

  1. thankyou for so many smiles since I’ve been following your blog!
    happy holidays

  2. Too awesome!

    I remember having spangle mix in art class through elementary school. I am tempted to buy some now, just because it’s bright and shiny LOL 🙂

  3. I think it is a great idea and they also make really good Christmas decorations (the small ones). I don’t suppose it will catch on here because of the heat but it sounds like FUN! 😀

  4. Great stuff! This site just puts a smile on my face.
    I saw the ugly sweaters and laughed until I cried. I’ll be making them for sure.

  5. They are FABULOUS!!!!!
    When I red the title I screamed YESSSS, the sweaters are on!
    The real size ones, can be very ugly, but these tiny, little ones are so adorable and will make great Christmas ornaments. Thank youfor this awesome idea and the pattern.

    • Hi Vanja! I am so glad you like my ugly sweater ornaments. They make me happy too. 🙂 I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful holiday season. Lots of hugs to you!

  6. Will these fit actual squirrels? I will let you know!

    • Hi Suzie! I love your question. I can’t say that they will fit live squirrels, but I am curious to find out. Please do let me know. 😀

      • I had to adjust the armholes for they were more forward facing, and my squirrels still protested. Oh well. Thanks for the pattern!

        • Hi, Suzie! I was very curious about your comment. Thanks for letting me know. I may even add a note to the pattern. Good to know these sweaters won’t necessarily fit live squirrels. 🙂