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Crochet Your Own Squirrel Friend: Patterns for Hodge and Podge and… Eric?


Thank you for your interest in crocheting a squirrel friend!

This pattern is featured in Squirrel Picnic’s debut story and crochet pattern book, The Big Acorn Race.

The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez

Follow Hodge and Podge and their friend Eric as they compete to see who can get an acorn out of a tree first. It sounds simple, but there’s a catch: they aren’t allowed to climb the tree. They each must use their wit and imagination to come up with an alternative solution. What will they invent and who will win?

But the fun doesn’t stop when the story ends! Over 15 crochet patterns show you how to make the squirrels and their inventions, as well as accessories for you inspired by the story.

The squirrel pattern is accompanied by new detailed, full-color tutorials to show you step-by-step how to prepare the squirrel’s eyes, embroider the nose and mouth, and sew a tail that can be detached so your squirrel can be dressed with ease.

In this book you’ll also find patterns to crochet their accessories: a baseball cap, an apron, and a jet pack! You’ll even get patterns to crochet some of the props, like acorns, oak leaves, Tall ‘n’ Fast Flowers, and dragonflies —  now your squirrels can continue the story even after the book is closed. The sky’s the limit to the adventures you can take them on.

So hop on over to Amazon to order your copy today.

For more information on The Big Acorn Race, visit www.bigacornrace.com.

The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez


45 thoughts on “Crochet Your Own Squirrel Friend: Patterns for Hodge and Podge and… Eric?

  1. Aah, I have to make this! Super cute!

  2. You are so generous to post the patterns. I have been making amigurumi for decades but I must admit I wondered how you made those wonderful tails. Thanks for posting this and I will definitely be trying an ami squirrel. You are a very gifted amigurumist. 🙂

  3. Oh my heavens! He is adorable!

  4. thank you for the lovely tutorial… 😉

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  6. It’s always a thrill to see how something is made… especially the cute little squirrels I have come to love over here! If I even knew the first thing about sewing/knitting, I’d definitely give this a try… but even the instructions are like Greek to me. Oh well, it’s that much more that I can marvel at these adorable creations!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you like it! I love seeing how things are made too. Factory tours are my favorite (like Mr.Rogers used to have on his kids show). If you’re ever in Colorado, check out the Celestial Seasonings tour in Boulder and the Coors tour in Golden.

  7. You are so kind to share your pattern. They are so adorable!

  8. This is darling. What a great sense of humor and creativity you have.

  9. this is just too cute..my girl is having a baby and LOVES her squirrels..gotta make some for my grandbaby..thanks soooo much..

  10. I am so glad you found me and hence I found you! Thank you for all your work to share this free tutorial! Sorry, I can’t share for free, because I have to work for a living.
    You are a real blessing!!!!

  11. LOVE your banner!

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  13. I haven’t seen these before!!!! What a great idea for the tail! Thank a lot for the pattern and great tutorial.

  14. I just love them, they are sooooooooooo cute. I so love your blog or web page, where did you get all the flower and leaf patterns? would love to make some. keep up the good work. love, debi

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  17. Hi, Where are you located? I don’t suppose you sell the squirrels pre made, do you? Planning on starting Crochet lessons, but need squirrels for a special photo project with a very tight deadline. Thanks!

    • Hi Holly! Thank you so much for your interest in my squirrels. I am located just outside of Denver, Colorado. I don’t have a regular squirrel selling business, but I often do commission work. I have a few squirrels on hand that might fit your needs. Would you mind emailing me at squirrelpicnic{at}gmail{dot}com with more information about the number of squirrels you need and when you need them? I’d be happy to give you an estimate. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope I can help you with your squirrel situation. 🙂

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  19. Your Squirrels are so delightful
    I am definitely taking crochet lessons!
    I so want a couple of those cute little creatures in my life..
    Thank you so much

  20. Hi! I love your patterns. I am a knitter- but I want to learn how to crochet. Do you have any recommendations for easy-to-understand lessons for crocheting? Whether a book, video, etc. Thank you!!

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