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Crochet Purse or Satchel for Your Squirrel Friend


Satchel or Purse Crochet Pattern from Squirrel PicnicThe latest comic featuring Hodge, Podge, and Eric showed how much these squirrels love their new bags! Hodge likes to carry all of his craft supplies with him everywhere he goes, because you just never know when you’ll need a sewing machine or your knitting basket. Podge, on the other hand, likes to travel light and only carries a tube of lipstick. I’m more like Hodge — I carry a backpack filled with crochet projects and tools every day! Do you have craft supplies in your bag right now?

If your squirrel has lots of stuff, he or she is going to need a purse or satchel too. Crochet one today with this free pattern. It’s quick and easy! Decorate their bag with embroidery or beads. Use chain or ribbon for the strap. These are just a few suggestions. Feel free to get creative and customize it to your squirrel’s personal style.

If you haven’t made a squirrel amigurumi yet, you really should! They are so much fun to have around. Visit my free pattern to make a Hodge or Podge of your very own.

Purse or Satchel for Your Squirrel Friend

Difficulty rating 1Crochet Purse for Your Squirrel Friend by Squirrel PicnicMaterials

Worsted-weight yarn in the color of your choice
D-3 (3.25 mm) crochet hook
Small bead or button
Yarn needle
Needle and thread
Tape measure
Chain or ribbon (optional)

Note: If making this toy for a child, please consider embroidering the “button” and crocheting the strap with a chain stitch. 


Ch 8.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea ch across. (7)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in ea sc across, turn.

Rep Row 2 until the piece measures 2 1/2” from beg.

Row 3: Ch 1, sk 3, (dc, ch 1) 6 times, sk 2, slst in last sc. FO, leaving a long tail.Crochet Purse for Your Squirrel Friend Step 1Fold this fabric in half so that the bottom edge comes to the bottom of Row 3.Crochet Purse for Your Squirrel Friend Step 2Using the long tail and a yarn needle, sew the sides closed.Crochet Purse for Your Squirrel Friend Step 3It’s up to you whether you want to add a faux clasp or a real one. I chose to sew a bead on the outside of the bag’s flap as a faux clasp because the purse seemed to stay shut pretty well on its own. If you would prefer that the bag actually close securely, I recommend sewing on a button with a shank. You might instead use a bead or flat button with these extra steps after sewing it on: bring the needle up through the fabric, wrap the thread 3-4 times around the stitches you made to secure the button to the fabric to create a shank. This will help it fit between the dc stitches in Row 3 in order to close the bag.Crochet Purse for Your Squirrel Friend Step 5To attach the chain or trim, I recommend you sew one end of it to the inside of the bag first and then try it on your squirrel to get the length right. Then sew the other end to the inside of the bag on the opposite side.Crochet Purse for Your Squirrel Friend Step 6For a satchel like Hodge’s, crochet a chain the desired length, leaving a long tail on either end. Tie these ends to the satchel and use the leftover lengths to embroider Xs on the sides.Crochet Satchel for Your Squirrel Friend by Squirrel PicnicNow your squirrel is all set to go. So stylish!

See a mistake or something I overlooked, please let me know in the comments or at squirrelpicnic{at}gmail{dot}com. Thanks!


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  2. I don’t carry crafting supplies, but I do carry legos, so there’s that 🙂

  3. Hmmmmm… I don’t know if I need a satchel, but a crochet Trapper Keeper would be awesome!

  4. This is so cute. Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial. Love it. Best wishes from Toronto, Jana


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