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Make It! Challenge #4: Crochet Batman Mask



Hi there! I’m sorry but I’ve chosen to remove this pattern. Also many apologies, but I’m not able to send you a copy. The truth is that this was not a good pattern. I wish I could invest time and energy to improve it and re-release it, but in the years since this pattern was originally posted several other people have designed Batman masks that are even better! I suggest that you search “Batman mask” on Ravelry or try this tutorial on YouTube: https://youtu.be/DScvgRQnbo8
Sorry again that I wasn’t able to help you make a Batman mask, but I wish you the best of luck. ~ Jennifer, 21 March 2019

77 thoughts on “Make It! Challenge #4: Crochet Batman Mask

  1. I will have to share your photos with my boys…they won’t be making it, just admiring it. Anything super hero is huge in our house!

  2. This is amazing! Love it.

  3. My daughter is a HUGE Batman fan – to the point she has the Bat symbol on the hood of her car. I’ll have to make sure she sees this!

  4. It is a triumph!

  5. amazing! I’m so making this for my brother’s birthday!

  6. The Batmask is wonderful! I just hope The Joker isn’t one of your followers, or he may be paying a visit to Stately O’Neill Manor…

  7. This is amazing! It would be perfect for my running club, too. Great job!

  8. So.awesome. I made my running buddy a viking hat and he wears it on his runs. He let me know that it keeps him warm and dry. It’s made of 100% wool…but i live in a rainy and damp city. Do you find the bamboo yarn has a lot of stretch? Thanks for sharing this awesome pattern.

    • Hi heartEdu! I love that your buddy wears a viking hat on his runs. That’s so cool! Thanks for your question too. This project was the first time I had ever used bamboo yarn so I can only vouch for Patons bamboo-silk blend. It was a great yarn to work with. It has just enough stretch to hug the form. Some are concerned that bamboo stretches out in the wash. I handwashed the swatch I made and laid it out to dry. Thankfully it didn’t stretch at all.

  9. Oh my! My 6-year old (Batman-crazy) son just asked me for one and I wouldn’t know where to start… Now I do! Thank you 🙂

  10. I just started crocheting and would like to do this in a smaller size is there a pattern for smaller sizes? Thanks

    • Hi! Thanks for your question. This pattern is for hat size 7 1/4 only, but if you need to make it slightly larger or smaller I might be able to help you adjust the pattern. What size are you looking to make?

  11. I was wondering how to make it smaller for a 4 year old ?

    • Hi Trinity! Thanks for the question. Unfortunately the pattern here is one size only. Since you are looking to make this for a small child, I’d like to refer you to this pattern for a Kids Batman Hat by Esther Leavitt at Craftown.com. Sorry I couldn’t help you more, but I think you’ll enjoy Esther’s pattern.

  12. Now that’s some epic crafting right there!

  13. This one is great! 😀
    Thanks for wonderful pattern!

  14. I was wondering if you have made one to fit a child… or if the pattern for the 71/4 or less would work for a child.

  15. I have been trying to crochet this pattern but find myself stuck. I’m confused about the following: Round 36: *Sc 12, decrease, repeat from * 4 times. Place a marker in the last st. Ch 12, join with slst to nose piece. Bind off. I don’t understand where the single crochet goes. Could you please explain. Thank you so much.

  16. LOVE!!!! Can’t wait to try it…thank u for the pattern!!!

  17. Rnd 39: Pull up a loop and sc into 11th ch of left eyehole. Sc to the marker (1 sc). *Sc 11, dec, rep from * 4 times. Sc 2 past the right eyehole marker, (into 1st 2 chains of right eyehole). FO.
    -confused. When you say “pull up a loop” and “sc into 11th ch of left eyehole” I must be misunderstanding, when I sc in the stitch I believe is indicated my project will not fit over my head any longer and simply doesn’t make sense.

    • Hi Christina! Thanks so much for making a Batman mask with my pattern. Let me see if I can help. First, I need to make sure that you fastened off (FO) your yarn at the end of Rnd 38. That’s important, because now you will reattach (“pull up a loop” or reattach however you prefer) the yarn in the 11th ch of the left eyehole. When you’re holding your mask, this chain is 1 chain to the right of the marker you placed at the end of Rnd 37 (the blue marker in my photo above Rnd 39). Does that help? Feel free to let me know if you have further questions. I’m always happy to help.

      • In round 40, I’m confused. Pulling up a loop in 10th ch on left eyehole & sc to marker. I have 2 markers, one on each outer corner of each eye. Seems to look just like your image. Maybe I’m not looking at this correctly, but it I pull up a loop in 10th chain of left eye, it will take me several stitches to get to the 2nd marker on the outer corner of the right eye, not 2. This is frustrating.

        • Hi, Christina. I’m so sorry to hear that this part of the pattern is causing you frustration. It sounds like your markers are in the right place. I don’t think my pattern was clear enough about which side is left and which side is right, so I updated the photo, labeling right and left and the chain count on the left side. Basically in rounds 38-40 we’re creating the eye holes by detaching the yarn at the right eye hole and reattaching it at the left then crocheting all the way around to the right again and repeating that process. This allows for the hat pattern to continue around the back while the eye holes get taller. In Rnd 39, you reattached your yarn in ch 11. In Rnd 40, you’ll reattach your yarn in ch 10 (right before the place where you attached your yarn in Rnd 39). I hope this makes things a little clearer, but please feel free to contact me again either here or at squirrelpicnic(at)gmail(dot)com. I’m always happy to help, and again, I’m so sorry for your frustration.

          • Rnd 42: Sc in each sc around to the marker at right side of right eyehole. Across the 24 sts of the eyehole and nose area: sc, dec, sc, dec, sc 12, dec, sc, dec, sc.
            In this round I gathered you want me to alt sc & dc across the 24 stitchs of eye and nose area, but it reads to sc 12 about halfway through before alternating back to sc and dc. Just wanted to be certain I know what exactly to do here. I think I’m getting there though!

            • Hi Christina! Sounds like you made it through the tough part. Great job! As for Rnd 42, dec is an abbreviation for “decrease.” Just in case you ever need it, I’ve provided a list of the crochet and knitting abbreviations in the sidebar to the blog. I follow the Craft Yarn Council’s abbreviations which represent the industry standard. I’m so excited that you’re almost to the end of the pattern. Yay! You’re almost there!

              • Oops! I wrote dc, but understand that dec means decrease. I just wanted to be sure I was to follow the directions as written, because to go from alternating sc & dec then do 12 sc in a row before returning to alternating seems odd. Like you said, I’m so close! I want to be sure I don’t mess it up!

  18. Hi! I finally got the chance to try ur pattern (just in time for my bro’s 37th bday lol) but I’m stuck on Rd 51…I seem to be missing stitches…for the nose part I’m supposed to have 25 stitches to work with(left over from Rd 47)? I’m missing 3 stitches…I can’t figure out where I went wrong …help pls😆

    • Hi Bernadette! I’m so excited that you are making a Batman mask for your brother! Thanks for your question too. This one had me really perplexed. You are right, it doesn’t add up! I think when I made this I was really concerned about making sure that the point at the end of the nose was centered. I took out my Batman mask just now and unraveled the last 27 stitches to try to figure out what was going on. It looks like it should instead be this: “across the 25 sts of the eyehole and nosepiece area: sc 12, 3 sc in next sc, sc 12. FO.” I’m so sorry about the confusion. This change appears to work on my mask. Could you let me know if this change places the point at the center of your mask too?

      • Yes the change works!!! Thank u so much!!! I thought maybe it was a typo but I didn’t want to assume…lol I’m kind of a newbie at this so I was thinking maybe I missed something lol…ur the best! Thx again

        • Yay! I’m so glad to hear it! Thank you for letting me know that it worked. I’ll update the pattern so other crocheters won’t run into the same trouble. I hope your brother enjoys his Batman mask. You’re a pretty awesome sister to make one for him. 🙂

  19. Can’t wait to try this pattern. I have a 10yr old grandson who loves superheros. He’d love this and not sure if this will fit him even though he is the average size for his age. I will make it anyway as he could still like this when he is older/bigger. I love how pointy the nose and ears look. This is more mask like than others I’ve seen. I have worked with bamboo mixes before and it is a wonderful yarn to work with and shapes and drapes very well. My only thought is a download using pdf would have been great. Thanks so much for your creative hard work. Inspiring.

    • Hi Meme! I’m excited that you are planning to make your grandson a Batman mask! If you didn’t want to wait till he grows up, I guess you could try using a smaller hook and see what happens. There is also this pattern from Crafts by Starlight for a kid’s Batman mask you might be interested in.

      To download a PDF version of my Batman mask, scroll to the bottom of the pattern. Under “Share This” you’ll see an icon for a printer. If you click on that icon, you’ll be redirected to PrintFriendly, which will quickly and easily generate a PDF for you.

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your kind words. I’m so glad you like my design!

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  21. Great work. I love this pattern very much and like to add this pattern to my next link list Crochet Fun Hat. I hope you don’t mind it. my blog http://crochetforyou.weebly.com/blog

  22. Love the t-shirt! Perfect! 😉

  23. This pattern is so amazing and I’m ecstatic I found it! Right before Christmas too!!! My fiances younger sister (14) is going to go nuts over this. Her and her older brother are in constant batman battle over who is the biggest fan lol. If I could only have a little troubleshooting help? I seem to be having some trouble with round 38: * sc 12, dec, rep from * 4 times Place a marker in the last stitch. Chain 12 join with slst FO. My confusion lies I suppose in the rounds. I’ve made the nosepiece just fine and the left eyehole with the place marker. But I counted the 12sc and dec sequence, and I wind up with 21 stitches leftover after the 4 (12sc, dec). I don’t think there should be 21sts between my right eyehole. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Nicole! I am so excited that you are making a Batman mask for your fiancé’s sister. Too cool! I’m more than happy to help make this happen. I wonder if you are ending up with 21 stitches because you still need to repeat sc 12, dec one more time. Sorry I write my patterns that way — It’s just the way I learned. I like to crochet the sequence first, then repeat it “x more times” instead of listing “x total times” like most patterns will do. So in other words, in Rnd 38 you will (sc 12, dec) 5 total times. I hope this clears up any confusion. If not or if you have any other questions, please let me know.

      PS. I took a moment to look back over this pattern and I was able to add and check stitch counts in Rnds 39-51. Keep in mind the stitch counts don’t include the stitches marked by place markers. The math seems to work out, so it should work out in real life too, but please let me know if it doesn’t. This pattern has been a work in progress from the beginning and it is through feedback like yours that I am able to improve it for everyone. Thanks!

      • Okay, so I tried it 5 times and after the fifth series I’m left with 7 stitches instead of 9… I still must be doing something wrong.

        • Hi Nicole! I think I discovered the trouble… it’s not you, it’s the pattern. Thank you so much for your patience. I hope you don’t mind, but I emailed you with my discovery and how it might be fixed. You can contact me there, at squirrelpicnic{at}gmail{dot}com, with any questions or concerns. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

  24. You could always stop before putting on the ears and make Tim Drake/Red Robin’s cowl as well! Awesome job :>

  25. I want to try your pattern but something looks off about the hat. I think it’s because it ends straight across…. mind if I try to add a chin strap to complete the bottom half?

  26. hermoso todo pero no puedo saber como queda en punta la nariz, del gorro de batmana hermoso

  27. Hello! I was wondering what the brand of yarn you used was. I want to make this mask, but I’m not sure what kind of yarn this is.
    Thank you,

    • Hello Mariah! Thank you for your interest in making a Batman mask. The yarn used is 2 balls Patons Silk Bamboo in Coal, 102 yds, 65 g (70% viscose from bamboo/30% silk). You’ll find a complete list of what you’ll need to make this mask under Materials. Enjoy!

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  29. Estoy atrapada En la ronda 38realmente no se como continuar, no entiendo Y en la ronda 39 no se como llego a tener 60 pb alrededor de la cabeza ayúdeme por favor

  30. Hello, pattern for the batman ears not clear. Help…..can you repost it again walking us step by step. Have a great day!

    • I really like your idea! I don’t think I have time to do it right away (new job and all), but I’ve been thinking about redoing this pattern as a downloadable pdf with more in-depth instructions and photos. What instructions are giving you the most trouble? Which would you like to see more photos on? Thanks for your suggestion!

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