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SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 1


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Rainbow Chicken 1 Rainbow Chicken 2 Rainbow Chicken 3 Rainbow Chicken 4 Rainbow Chicken 5 Rainbow Chicken 6 Rainbow Chicken 7 Rainbow Chicken 8 Rainbow Chicken 9 Rainbow Chicken 10To be continued…


28 thoughts on “SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 1

  1. So cute. Love your rainbow chicken. What an imagination you have. Everything is tremendously inspiring. Makes me want to try everything you do. Wish I had you imagination. You should also write books.

  2. hehe this made me giggle a lot 🙂

  3. I agree, a book with pictures! so cool! I love your imagination and that you are so creative with it. You are awesome and definitely inspire me!

  4. Looks like the squirrels are soon going to be taking care of a baby rainbow chick!

  5. I enjoyed your story very much and now I am waiting for it to be continued. I hope I don’t have to wait to long 🙂

  6. 😀 Love the comic! Love your rainbow chicken (the idea on rainbow falling one her…. awesome)!!! Can’t wait second part!
    Thank you for this!

    • Yay! The rainbow falling on her was my favorite part too. I can’t take full credit for it though. That particular line was from The Ideas Man (my hubby). We came up with the story together while we were at the laundromat waiting on our clothes. It was so much fun!

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  8. Hello rainbow chicken!

  9. I love your blog! I especially love your fatimals and these comics.
    I would like to nominate you for “The Very Inspiring Blogger” award. Here is a link that explains this award: http://thestoryfairyslibrary.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/