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SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 2

Previous episode: The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 1

 The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 2Join us tomorrow to get the free pattern to make a baby rainbow chick!

And in case you missed it, here’s the pattern for Mama Rainbow Chicken.


Jelly Belly Bunny Crochet Pattern

Jelly Belly Bunny is ready to visit your home for Easter! No, she’s not the Easter Bunny. She’s more the Easter Bunny’s awkward sister, the one who finds and eats all the Easter Bunny’s candy before anyone else gets a chance. She’s a hoot to have around, but you’ve been warned, you’ll need go out and get more candy.

Read on to get the free pattern…

Jelly Belly Bunny Pattern by Squirrel Picnic

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