Squirrel Picnic

Handmade with Love and Stuff

9 thoughts on “Hodge Says

  1. It’s hard indeed…. I’m making a cake this afternoon… would you better like to come along and have a piece ❤ ?

  2. I can just see a squirrel working a jawbreaker the same way they would an acorn! LOL!

    • That is a fantastic visual you’ve given me. I can see a squirrel burying it too! Last year for Easter, we hid nuts in those little plastic Easter eggs and were so amused by the squirrels trying to get them open. We found many an Easter egg up in the trees, half-buried in the lawn, in the bushes. Our landlord loves us.

      • I may have to try that and see if I can get a Saturday Squirrel picture out of it! I miss hiding Easter eggs for my little sisters… maybe I can do the same for my squirrels!

        • That would be hilarious! I wish we would have taken pictures. Maybe I will try it again too this year and see if I can get some video. If I am successful, I’ll share it with you. Between the two of us, we should come up with something funny!

  3. The hard part is stopping. 😀