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SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): Beatrix’s Perfume

Previous Episode: The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken

 A very sweet skunk named Beatrix came all the way from Florida to visit Squirrel Picnic.
Naturally, we threw her a welcome party.

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A special thanks to Grace for crocheting Beatrix, telling me her story, and sending her to visit Squirrel Picnic. We all had a wonderful time together, and she’s welcome to come back anytime!



SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 2

Previous episode: The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 1

 The Mystery of the Rainbow Chicken Part 2Join us tomorrow to get the free pattern to make a baby rainbow chick!

And in case you missed it, here’s the pattern for Mama Rainbow Chicken.