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Two Little Country Squirrels in the Big City: Squirrel Picnic Visits NYC


This past weekend, Hodge and Podge and I flew to New York City to explore, get inspired, catch up with old friends, and make some new ones too.

Hodge and Podge in Times Square

On Saturday, we attended the Vogue Knitting Live Marketplace. Right off the bat, we were totally enthralled by this installation piece by Lion Brand Yarn. Hodge and Podge had to get a closer look.

Then we met some very nice ladies who were running the Resobox amigurumi booth. Amigurumi artists Bon_chic (Instagram handle) and Lumièna were helping to spread the love of amigurumi, one knitter at a time. They really enjoyed meeting Hodge and Podge. I was most impressed with the Apple watches by Bon-chic and a large crochet monkey by Lumiena. It was so nice to meet crochet amigurumists at a knitting show!

We did some shopping at the marketplace, of course. I came away with some really cool sock yarn. Hodge and Podge picked out some great beads.

Hodge and Podge Find a Stash of Buttons

Finally, we added our favorite motto to the Purls of Wisdom wall.


What a wonderful time we had. Thanks, Vogue Knitting Live! Thanks, New York!


8 thoughts on “Two Little Country Squirrels in the Big City: Squirrel Picnic Visits NYC

  1. What a wonderful adventure! I love your Purl of Wisdom too. Would you mind if I quoted you on my blog (with full credit + link to Squirrel Picnic of course)?

  2. Just Wow to every word and photo! ❤️

  3. How cool! I LOVE that monkey….how cute! It sounds like all three of you had a blast! 😀 “Hodge and Podge On Tour”….I love it! 😉