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You Made This!


It’s so cool to see Squirrel Picnic projects from people all over the world. Thank you all for choosing my patterns and for taking the time to share your finished projects with me.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to these awesome folks, whose projects are featured in this edition: Alicia Kelly Rippingale, Margie Smith, Theresa Estep, Christine Knapp, Elaine Womack, Julie-Anna Smith, Marta Ruso, Ina Ringel, Marcia Cristina, Ankharas, Mona Reyes, Taylor, Janette Vanzanen, bpitard, cyrusmum, plantersmith, ellafofella, nlezama, nessiesparklepony, kaypendragon, mamascents, ShiloSol, lyndeepitiak, rpayne8457, violinone, kaurin, Penella, angelclassy, foxxxy, mrsrefjr, rosecrochet44, lese1, Idskje, walkerlover, Blacky67, and Frau Tapete.

If you’ve made something awesome with one of my patterns, I’d love to include you in a future installment of You Made This! And if there’s anyone I missed, I’m terribly sorry. Let me know and I’ll include you in the next edition. Please send a photo of your project to squirrelpicnic{at}gmail{dot}com.



4 thoughts on “You Made This!

  1. I am amused by the Unrainbow Donkey! I am so used to seeing that pattern in RD’s colors that it looks strange to see it used to make a traditional donkey! It’s still darned cute, though, as are all the rest of the pics! I’m tickled to see someone gave Meep some love!!!

    • I was excited to see someone make a regular donkey too! Funny that a regular donkey would be something “rare.” I love when people are willing the tackle the MEEP pattern. It’s a bit difficult, but so rewarding. 🙂

  2. They are all just so darn adorable! 🙂