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How to Add Faces to Amigurumi: Crochet Eyes and Eyelids

Crochet Eye Tutorial by Squirrel PicnicTo crochet the eyes, nose, and mouth seems like the obvious way to add a face to your amigurumi, but I have to admit that it’s the method I use least often. I usually opt for embroidery or safety eyes, but after putting together this tutorial, I know I will turn to this method more often. I hope you will too!

In fact, there are three things I have discovered most appealing about these crocheted eyes: (1) they are easier and faster to make for larger toys than embroidery; (2) they are ideal if you are making the toy for a child, because as long as the pieces are sewn on securely, they won’t present a choking hazard; and (3) you can play with the placement of the eyelids to create a very unique look. A lot of a toy’s personality depends on how you place the eyelids. If you want the toy to be dopey, place them farther back on the eye. If you want him to be happy, place them directly above the eye. If you want him to be angry, place them farther forward. Have fun playing around with the placement to see what expressions you can create.

In this tutorial I used worsted-weight yarn and a G-6 (4.00 mm) hook to crochet the eyes and eyelids for a 10-inch teddy bear. If you are making eyes for a smaller amigurumi, like my squirrel for instance, you might try using crochet thread and a steel hook size 00 or smaller. If your amigurumi is a size somewhere in between those two, you might play around with different yarn weights and hooks to get the eye size you desire.

Grab your hook and some yarn in black and white and the color of your choice for the eyelids. You’ll also need a pair of scissors and a yarn needle. Let’s begin! Continue reading


Crochet Purse or Satchel for Your Squirrel Friend

Satchel or Purse Crochet Pattern from Squirrel PicnicThe latest comic featuring Hodge, Podge, and Eric showed how much these squirrels love their new bags! Hodge likes to carry all of his craft supplies with him everywhere he goes, because you just never know when you’ll need a sewing machine or your knitting basket. Podge, on the other hand, likes to travel light and only carries a tube of lipstick. I’m more like Hodge — I carry a backpack filled with crochet projects and tools every day! Do you have craft supplies in your bag right now?

If your squirrel has lots of stuff, he or she is going to need a purse or satchel too. Crochet one today with this free pattern. It’s quick and easy! Decorate their bag with embroidery or beads. Use chain or ribbon for the strap. These are just a few suggestions. Feel free to get creative and customize it to your squirrel’s personal style.

If you haven’t made a squirrel amigurumi yet, you really should! They are so much fun to have around. Visit my free pattern to make a Hodge or Podge of your very own. Continue reading


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