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Your World Needs More Cuteness: Spring Daisy Crochet Patterns

Crochet DaisyDaisies are one of my favorite flowers. They’re simple and cheerful and the ultimate symbol of cute. Just name something Daisy and its cuteness rating goes up exponentially. Take for instance Daisy the world’s cutest cat, Daisy Duke, Daisy Duck, Daisy Buchanan, Daisy Fuentes… the list goes on. But my favorite Daisy moniker is Daisy the Pterosaur, named for the nine-year-old girl who found this dinosaur’s bones in the sand while on a family visit to the beach.

Okay, daisies are cute: you get the point. Now you know why I included daisies in my spring diorama for Squirrel Picnic and why I have to restrain myself from embellishing everything within arms’ reach with these little flowers. If you too would like to add a little cheer to a headband, spring sweater, or Easter table setting, whip up a few of these easy crochet daisies.

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Spring Fever

These past few weeks, it seems as if I’ve been doing nothing but knitting, crocheting, and sewing, and yet I have so little to show for it. Do you have that problem too? I just can’t seem to keep my attention focused on one project long enough to finish it before moving on to the the next. It must be spring fever! So since I don’t have any completed projects to show you, I’ll just show you all the things I’m working on.

Spring is just about ready to bloom at Squirrel Picnic. I’ve been crocheting leaves and flowers everywhere I go. It’s been especially fun to talk to people on the bus about all these little leaves I’m making. I can hardly wait to get Hodge and Podge into their new seasonal diorama.

March 007 (800x568)

A friend of ours wants very much to have a baby, but she’s having a hard time convincing her husband. Her plan of action? To just go ahead and crochet a baby blanket. I love this! It’s her first crochet project and she’s doing great. I crocheted these airplane and flower appliques for her to add depending on whether she has a boy or a girl. Now come on husband, give this girl a baby.

March 023 (800x600)

Slowly but surely I’ll get the two summer dresses I started sewn by summer.

The fourth Make It! Challenge is about 95% complete. I should have the pattern for you very soon. It’s the perfect hat for stalking the city at night.

Batman Mask1 (800x336)

And because I just can’t stop myself from starting new projects, I ordered this fantastic yarn from KnitPicks to start a summer top. Don’t you just love the color!

March 004 (800x600)

Well I better get back to work. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


My Favorite Part of Knitting a Garment Is the Last Stitch

The only other moment that can compare is when on the first day that you wear it, you get to tell someone, “I made this!” I still have loose threads to weave in and super-cute flower buttons to sew on and, of course, spring has to arrive… But when it does, I’ll be sure to share a photo with you of its first day in action.

lacey spring top