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Your World Needs More Cuteness: Spring Daisy Crochet Patterns

Crochet DaisyDaisies are one of my favorite flowers. They’re simple and cheerful and the ultimate symbol of cute. Just name something Daisy and its cuteness rating goes up exponentially. Take for instance Daisy the world’s cutest cat, Daisy Duke, Daisy Duck, Daisy Buchanan, Daisy Fuentes… the list goes on. But my favorite Daisy moniker is Daisy the Pterosaur, named for the nine-year-old girl who found this dinosaur’s bones in the sand while on a family visit to the beach.

Okay, daisies are cute: you get the point. Now you know why I included daisies in my spring diorama for Squirrel Picnic and why I have to restrain myself from embellishing everything within arms’ reach with these little flowers. If you too would like to add a little cheer to a headband, spring sweater, or Easter table setting, whip up a few of these easy crochet daisies.

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