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Petals to Picots Reviews The Big Acorn Race

Kara from Petals to Picots reviewed The Big Acorn Race on her blog today!

In her review, she mentions that she and her son are enjoying the book together. It really touches my heart to hear this and it reminds me of how my mom and I loved to read stories together when I was a kid.

It seems the best part about The Big Acorn Race is that it includes instructions to make the characters as well as many of the props and outfits so that you can continue their journey even after you’ve closed the book. I can imagine Kara and her son having many adventures together with their new squirrel friends.

But the patterns in the book aren’t just for the squirrels! You’ll also find home decor and fashion accessory patterns to make items inspired by the story for you and your kiddos. Do you remember the Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower from the book? Kara chose some really cool colors for the one she made. You’ll have to hop on over to Petals to Picots and see for yourself!




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