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Something to Smile About




2 thoughts on “Something to Smile About

  1. Jennifer,

    Our crochet group has been a busy little group. We turned in 31 bears to our local fire department and were even written up, front page on less, by our local paper! We are now working on our personal projects for Christmas. One of our ladies didn’t know what to give her grown granddaughters for Christmas until they came in and saw her bears. See even big people need a sleepy bear. So she is busy now filling their Christmas wishes..

    Best wishes and hugs to you and your little gang. Please know you have touched a small group in Texas who are very grateful for your kindness and sharing heart.

    Happy Crocheting, Maureen

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    • Hi Maureen! Thank you so much for this update. I am so very impressed that your group made 31 bears for your local fire department. That is so cool! And I am honored to have played a small part in your project. I can’t wait to tell everyone about the awesome job you did! It has been so much fun getting to know you. Thank you for bringing the story of Sleepy Bear and your inspiring group into my life! Love and hugs to you and the group!