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Hodge and Podge and Eric want to wish you a…


Happy Halloween from Squirrel Picnic

Are you ready for some Halloween fun? This year, I’m going as a T-Rex, and my hubby is going as a very spooky scarecrow. Hodge, with his superhero mask, is Raphael TMNT and Podge is a princess. Eric didn’t have time to put a costume together because he has been too busy in the lab, so he just put on a baseball cap. Bah hum bug. There’s still time to come up with a costume, Eric. Get in the spirit, squirrel friend. Halloween is the best day of the year! I even wore my T-Rex costume to Costco this morning and it was glorious. If I can do it, you can too!


5 thoughts on “Hodge and Podge and Eric want to wish you a…

  1. love! and same to you .i was a nut free squirrel at school today ) beth

  2. T-Rex is awesome! “Get it on! Bang a Gong, Get it on!”

    Oh wait… you mean you didn’t dress up as Marc Bolan?

    The little costumes are cute… even Eric’s baseball cap! That’s more dressed up than I’ve gotten for Halloween since…… oh, 1988!

  3. So cute! I bet your Trex costume looked great! As I drove home last night it occurred to me that on this day a french maid walking hand in hand with Tigger from Winnie the Pooh looks totally “normal” ❤

    • So true! That’s what I love about Halloween. It was so much fun to see all the kids and their costumes. We even received some candy of our own! Next year I think we’ll bring baskets just in case. 🙂