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The Big Acorn Race Update: Oak Leaves and Acorns


May was an unusually wet month for Colorado. The state prides itself on its 300 days of sunshine, but this month we had only 3 days without some form of precipitation. Rainy days are perfect for crocheting and I crocheted up a storm all month long!

I focused on designing, crocheting, and photographing the first four patterns and projects for the book. These include an oak leaf motif, an oak leaf clutch, an amigurumi acorn, and an oak leaf and acorn garland.

I also created the storyboard and began laying out a mock up of the book, starting with these four patterns.

Oak Leaf Motif

Oak Leaves by Squirrel Picnic with logoAs usual, I worked and worked on this design until the motif was as simple as it could be. In the end, I gave it a difficulty rating of 2 acorns. The lobes of the leaf are worked separately in short rows, much like the rays on my Cuddly Sun. I can’t wait until fall. I can see making these in a wide range of autumn colors. The contrast between the main color and trim color will be really cool!

Oak Leaf Clutch

Oak Leaf Clutch by Squirrel Picnic with logo

This was my favorite project of the month by far. I used the same star stitch as the sky background to crochet the clutch. The pattern also includes a photo tutorial on how to sew a zippered lining. It’s not on this photo, but I also crocheted a miniature acorn to use as a zipper pull. So cute!


Acorn by Squirrel Picnic with Logo

This is an updated version of my original acorn pattern. The newest change is that I will show you how to make this acorn in 5 different sizes, from 1” to 5” tall! I made this 5″ acorn with bulky yarn and an L hook. I didn’t have the right “acorn” colors though, so I had to order more yarn. These giant acorns (Eric had a hand in bioengineering them) are so soft, cuddly, and super quick to make. I think you will really like them.

Oak Leaf and Acorn Garland

Oak Leaf and Acorn Garland by Squirrel Picnic with Logo

The natural thing to do with all these acorns and oak leaves was to make a garland. Use the garland to decorate your wall, valance, or bookshelf. They are also great for curtain holdbacks.

Another big step was completing the set and photographing the cover art. It was a major undertaking, and I’m pleased to say that the art is with my designer who will be putting the cover together over the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to share the cover, and take you on a tour of the set, as soon as it is ready!


8 thoughts on “The Big Acorn Race Update: Oak Leaves and Acorns

  1. I love your acorns and oak leaves – they look so nice! I know what you mean by crocheting over and over again to make the pattern easier. When I start to crochet a shape, usually it is kind of difficult and very hard to explain. Then I make it again and I find easier solutions – even better looking 🙂

  2. I love the leaf clutch! Very cute. 🙂

  3. I took ages to read this because I was checking past posts. It is all coming together so well! Love it. ❤

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