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Podge Says


Podge says, “I’ve never made anything with roving wool. At least not yet.
I really just like to pet it. Have you used it for felting or spinning? Both look fun!”

Podge says roving wool is soft


10 thoughts on “Podge Says

  1. I have wet felted, needle felted and spun and I love all three. They are all great fun and easier than you think, give it a go, you’ll love it 🙂

  2. I make my own roving and then spin it but have only just started so early days yet. My first project will be a rug for the spinning wheel to sit on which will consist of all the first attempts. I have (as usual) a head full of ideas. First idea is a vest made in kimono style of using rectangles. 😀

  3. My friend has 3 pet sheep. I have been skirting, cleaning, carding and making roving! 😀