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A Squirrel’s New Tail


Crochet Squirrel by Squirrel PicnicDoesn’t this squirrel look dapper with his new crocheted tail?

It seems my squirrel amigurumi pattern is a work in progress. You may remember before the Super Bowl this year, I cut the tails off of Hodge and Podge and added Velcro so that I could dress them in football jerseys I had crocheted for them. Well, I admit that wasn’t the best solution. Over time, the Velcro really tore up the backs of the squirrels. (Don’t worry. Luckily it’s their backs, so they haven’t noticed yet.) It was time to find another solution.

Squirrel Amigurumi by Squirrel PicnicFor a while now, I’ve been wanting to add instructions for a crochet tail to the pattern. This way people who don’t sew or don’t want to use faux fur will be able to crochet a squirrel friend too. I’d like to thank Grace and Tajana for all the ideas and inspiration that led to the new tail. You both rock!

The next step will be to create another detachable tail so that we can make lots of outfits and costumes for our squirrels. I’m experimenting with buttons and snaps at the moment. If you have any other ideas for how I can create a tail that can be easily taken on and off, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks to everyone for bearing with me on this pattern. I sincerely hope that these changes are improvements that will result in happy crocheters and even cuter squirrels for everyone.


19 thoughts on “A Squirrel’s New Tail

  1. The squirrel looks adorable! 😀

  2. I like both the tails and I am making foxes at the moment and their tails were inspired by your original squirrel tail!
    I think what we call” hand sewn press studs” would work as a suggestion for moving the tails perhaps.
    Very sweet squirrels.:-D

    • Wow! Will you share your foxes when they’re done? I would love to see them. That’s so cool that you’re making furry tails for them. I can see that working really well on a fox.

      Thanks for your thought on a detachable tail. What you call “hand sewn press studs,” I think Americans call “snaps.” This is so cool. I didn’t know they had so many names! I will definitely try them and let you know how it goes! 🙂

  3. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and more!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Looking forward to see new tiails done. I am sure Hoge and Podge will be delighted and feel so proud 😀
    To make the detachable, I would consider and try those tiny click buttons as well (don’t know the name in English-but you have male and female side. when closing they make click 🙂 )
    I used them once when making Buz Lightyear. Attached the wings with click buttons and it worked great. Those little buttons (specially plastic ones) you can find in matching color with your yarn, what will make them hardly visible.

    • Thanks, Vanja! When you say tiny click buttons, it sounds like you’re talking about snaps. Could that be it? They make some that can be sewed on. I can see them working out really well. I’d love to see your Buzz Lightyear! Do you have it on your blog? I bet it is fantastic!!! 🙂

      PS. I just read Sharon’s comment and realize that snaps are also called “hand-sewn press studs.” How neat! I’m learning a lot tonight.

      • Went to check the snap buttons on the internet, and yes, that is it. Plastic ones come in all variety of different colors and have these tiny holes for nice hand sewing.
        I haven’t made post on Buzz. I crocheted one for one little boy (his mom works in my local yarn shop. Boy is Buzz crazy. I worked on one payed pattern. Will send you mail with photo asap 🙂 Together with miniature teddy I promised few weeks ago!)

  5. That would be cool to be a squirrel and decide which tail you felt like wearing on a particular day. Do I go with fluffy or frizzy, or maybe a nice plush that changes color depending on the way you stroke it? So many possibilities! Perhaps Eeyore can give you some advice on tail detachment and reattachment…

    • Lol! Yes, my squirrels are quite the fashionistas. Next thing you know they’ll have lacy tails, blinged-out tails, feather boa tails — wait, that boa idea sounds fun. I might try that. You don’t even know what you’ve inspired, ES!

  6. Oooh….he’s cute!!! What’s his name? I love the new tail!

    • Thanks, Grace! I haven’t named him yet. Perhaps he’s Eric’s brother Daryl. 🙂 Thank you again for helping me! I’ll let you know how the buttons go. Beatrix says hi! She’s have a great time, but she says she misses you too. She’s helping me with the script for the welcome party comic. She’s got great ideas!

      • YAY! I’m so happy (Andy and Liv are, too) to know she’s in good hands. Thank you again for doing the comic! Daryl is adorable 😀

  7. Greetings! I have used vintage buttons in the past. Just find a button that will fit through the stitching on the squirrel’s backside. The button is sewed onto the tail. No pulled threads on the body. AND the tail can then be placed anywhere and in any direction! It worked for me with a recent fulfilled order. The recipient was thrilled! Happy crafting 🙂

    • That’s a great idea! I’m doing something similar with interchangeable facial features on a doll I’ll be posting about next week! I hadn’t really thought about how I would do that with the tail though. How exciting to find a tried and true method for this! I think you’ve solved my problem. I’ll definitely be giving this a try! Thanks!