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Year of the Sock: March

Year of the Sock_March 4This month has been very eventful at the picnic, as I’m sure you can imagine, with the release of The Big Acorn Race on March 9. I thought that after the book was finally out, I would be a little less busy than I had been during production. Boy was I wrong! I’m as busy as ever. But it is work that I love, so it never feels like real work. Still I am rather impressed with myself that even with everything happening, I found the time to complete my March pair of socks.

Year of the Sock_March 9

This month I decided to pair this super soft, hand-dyed merino from¬†Cozy Rabbit Farm with another pattern from Janet Rehfeldt called “Cotton-Candy Confection.”¬†This pattern has been my favorite so far. It’s just so unique and so very much fun. Continue reading