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Frosted Snowflake Sugar Cookie Crochet Pattern

Snowflake Frosted Sugar Cookie Free Crochet PatternHave you seen some of the frosted sugar cookies out there this year? So many of them are works of art! If someone offered me cookies as elaborately decorated as these by the folks at Martha Stewart, I’m afraid I might refuse to bite into them lest I spoil their beauty.

I’ve not been so successful with frosted cookies in the past for two reasons: (1) I like to eat cookies more than I like decorating them and (2) I’m really good at making messes. I greatly admire all those bakers who can restrain themselves from eating their fabulous creations long enough to then frost and glaze and ice them with beautiful decorations. I’m just not one of them. Even if I get to the decorating stage of baking, I’m so messy that I feel proud if I can get more frosting on a cookie than on my fingers.

Lucky for me, these crochet frosted snowflake cookies aren’t messy at all! And there’s no reason to be intimidated by that embroidered snowflake design. It’s a piece of cake to do, and I’ve included a step-by-step tutorial to make it even easier.

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