Squirrel Picnic

Handmade with Love and Stuff


Squirrel Picnic’s New Year’s Eve Party 2016

Each year, Mayor Snack Frog hosts a New Year’s Eve party at Squirrel Picnic and invites all his friends from the picnic and beyond, including you! Rilakkuma, a super cute bear, is the special guest at the 2016 New Year’s Eve party. He’s brought a surprise all the way from Japan – a purikura machine! It’s like a photo booth but way cooler. Wait till you see everyone’s photos at the end. Enjoy the show!

If you’d like to make a purikura machine for your squirrel friends, check out the video tutorial I used to make mine. These instructions from My Froggy Stuff even come with free printables for the checkerboard floor and display.

Do your squirrel friends want to play Twister? Download the free printable from Just for Clicks.