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A Friendly Little Squirrel Stops by the Picnic

Stoney's JourneyA friendly little squirrel by the name of Stoney stopped by Squirrel Picnic on his way from the East Coast.

He had traveled 1,500 miles from North Carolina (that’s 8,025,600 squirrel hops!) to come to Colorado in search of adventure. And he says so far it’s the best place he’s ever been. He especially loves the city and all the fun people he has met.

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Within minutes of arriving in Denver, he met a very nice lady who was so taken with him that she offered him a job as a mascot for her company, Keep It in Colorado. What luck!

He was very excited and anxious to wrap up his journey and get to his new job, but we couldn’t let him leave without a party. It wasn’t the same as the barbecues back home, but he said that it was awful kind of us. This fella really does like barbecue. He wouldn’t stop talking about how the first thing he’s going to do at his new job is to find the best barbecue in Denver.

Best of luck, Stoney! And welcome to Colorado.

Bon Voyage Stoney