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Field Trip to Eyecatchers Stained Glass Studio

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Susan creates custom stained glass windows.

While I’m busy crocheting Zs this week for the Sleepyz Blanket, I thought you might like to see what Hodge, Podge, and Deca Podge (Podge’s mom) have been up to. They had a blast learning how stained glass art is created thanks to Susan Welteroth of Eyecatchers Glass Originals in Yorktown, Virginia.

Longtime readers may recognize that name because Susan is my mom. I consider myself to be a pretty lucky gal. Growing up, my mom taught me just about every craft under the sun. Some of my fondest memories are of summer days filled with arts and crafts projects like painting animals on rocks, weaving potholders, and learning to knit. And, of course, she also taught my brother and me the ins and outs of stained glass. In addition to the usual chores around the house, we “copper-foiled” for a weekly allowance. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it! I became a champion copper-foiler.

Susan makes fused glass fish. Love the big lips!

Of all her gift items, I love Susan’s fused glass fish the most. Those big lips are adorable!

Eyecatchers Glass Originals was founded in 1983 when Susan was commissioned to design windows for a home builder. Today she continues to design and create custom windows, in addition to stained glass gifts, awards, and fine art. Wedding invitations custom framed in stained glass with pressed wildflowers are one of her most popular gift items. She is also frequently commissioned to create awards for several of the military divisions stationed in Hampton Roads. Over the years, she’s returned to her fine art roots with works in warm glass and painting on glass as well.

I asked her to talk a little about what inspires her and what she enjoys most about her work.

“All my life I’ve enjoyed creating with my hands. Also, I enjoy a challenge, which has led me to working with glass; it’s always a challenge. I particularly enjoy depicting nature in glass.

“What pleases me most is the success I’ve had in matching a client’s requests and tastes to the design that I create in glass. This process seems to come easy for me. It gives me a lot of pleasure to add beauty to their lives.

“(I also have to admit that I could be a bit ‘addicted’ to soldering! It’s mesmerizing!!)”

Read on to see Susan get her soldering fix as she shows the squirrels how to make a stained glass acorn sun catcher!

Trip to Eyecatchers Stained Glass

Hodge, Podge, and Deca Podge pick out the design for their acorn sun catcher.

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