Squirrel Picnic

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Pen Friends: Greetings from Grace W. in Florida!

Mail Call 1

Hello to Hodge, Podge, Fatimals, Eric, MEAP, Deca Podge, and everyone at the Picnic!

Liv and Andy (Note Andy's Speedo. He's a professional swimmer!)

Liv and Andy (Note Andy’s Speedo. He’s a professional swimmer!)

My name’s Andy and I live in Florida, and this is my girlfriend Liv. I’m a swimmer, and my dream is to be on the U.S.A. Animal Olympic Swim Team (yes, there is such a thing). This team is usually made up of aquatic animals. That’s why I want the squirrels to be represented. I want to show the world that squirrels can swim, too!

My tail is trimmed short because it helps me to swim faster. Grace says she’ll make me a shirt soon, and a towel that’s my size. I hope so, because it’s pretty hard to dry off on a towel as thick as my hand!

This is my message for Eric:
Don’t even think about it. Liv’s already taken!!!!!

Hodge and Podge, you would make great swimmers! If you’re ever in Florida, let me know, and we can get together for a swimming lesson! Grace has a giant casserole pan that she fills with water. It’s the perfect size to swim laps in :).

I have a problem that maybe you all could help me with. Grace and Liv taught me to crochet acorns, but they always come out smelling like chlorine (pool water) when I make them. How can I prevent that???


Grace, Andy, and Liv! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Continue reading