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A Look Behind the Scenes at My Craft HQ and Travel Studio

Squirrel Picnic's Craft HQ

Squirrel Picnic’s Craft HQ

Just last week, I showed you a book by Cut Out + Keep and wouldn’t you know, this week they’re returning the favor by featuring my Craft Headquarters and Travel Studio on their special feature, Craft Room Tours.

I have to be honest, when Cat, CO+K’s founder, first approached me to participate in this feature, I thought “Why in the world would anyone want to see my “craft space?”

I’m sure you too have seen those glowing photos of pristine craft rooms with sparkling white cabinetry, appliances, and lighting. They are usually decorated with functional and fashionable decor that any crafter would envy. I swoon over those pictures… and then look over at my messy apartment bedroom/craft space in dismay.

My compact travel kit makes it possible to take my crochet with me everywhere I go.

My compact travel kit makes it possible to take my crochet with me everywhere I go.

Lucky for me this experience has changed my attitude. The best part about participating in this interview is that it helped me to rethink what a craft space is and what one really needs to practice their craft. It made me question whether a studio has to be confined to any one place. Why can’t my craft space be anywhere and everywhere I take my crochet? But most importantly it inspired me to be grateful for what I have.

So head on over to my interview to see more photos, learn what I keep in my travel studio and where I go for inspiration, read my tips on how to organize your supplies, and see where Hodge and Podge live when they’re not on the road with me. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak into the world behind the picnic.



You Know You’re a Crafter When Your Christmas Starts in August

Whenever the kids go back to school and summer begins to wind down, a little alarm goes off in my brain telling me I better get to crafting if I want to have Christmas presents ready for my family and friends. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already started thinking about what to make for everyone.

I probably would’ve just done the same old thing—you know, knit or crochet as many hats, scarves, toys, or pairs of socks and mittens as time will allow—but this year, I found a book that has really inspired me to try something different.

Back in March, I was visiting one of my favorite craft sites (and a second home of sorts for Squirrel Picnic patterns and tutorials), Cut Out + Keep, when I noticed that the site’s founders, Cat Morley and Tom Waddington, had come out with a new book. In 2011, this adventurous couple departed their home in Scotland to take a tour of the US. Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects was the brilliant result. Inspired by everything they saw and experienced on their journey, they created this book to showcase their stories from the road and an original craft project for each state they visited.

CO and K Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects

Having lived in or visited every state in the continental US, I was very intrigued to hear what they would think of my homeland. And they did not disappoint! They experienced the whimsical side of the United States. The things they saw and did make me want to trace their steps and visit all the same places. Continue reading


Bringing the Picnic to Cut Out + Keep

promo_squirrelpicnicI’m so excited to tell you that I’m being featured as the Knit and Crochet Superstar on Cut Out + Keep this week. Each day they will release one of my original patterns for their fun-loving community to enjoy. I’m not sure they are quite aware of the extreme cuteness that is in store for them!

Cut Out + Keep is an online community of over 180,000 members who share free step-by-step crafting tutorials. I’ve had a wonderful time exploring some of the 69,000 projects available in a variety of craft categories like jewelry making, sewing, baking, even home décor and beauty.

As I mentioned, I was asked to select 7 of my patterns to be featured throughout this upcoming week. Boy was it hard! Trying to choose these patterns gave me the opportunity to think about what this blog means to me. At the end of the day, I really hope that I’ve added a touch of joy, and maybe a little silliness, to the world. My favorite patterns are the ones that continue to make me smile — so those are the ones I chose for their feature. I hope that being a member of Cut Out + Keep will help me make a few more people smile too.

Be sure to check out my interview and the super-kooky photograph I provided with Hodge and Podge. If you’d like to look around Cut Out + Keep, I recommend typing your favorite item (for me, it was robots) into their search engine. You’ll be amazed by what the members of their community have been up to. And of course, if you like what you see, you should become a member too!