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In a Nutshell: News from the Picnic

The Big Acorn RaceWhat a wild a crazy month March was! The Big Acorn Race is doing well on Amazon. Twelve people give it 5 stars! If you’ve purchased a copy, thank you so very much! If you have a moment and you feel so inclined, would you mind dropping by Amazon to leave a customer review? It would help the book a lot.

Sorry for the self-promotion. Since the release, I’ve been in full-on marketing mode, which is totally not my cup of tea.

One last note about the book: I’m pleased to announce that The Big Acorn Race is now available in all four branches of the Boulder Public Library! If you’d like to check it out from your local library, give your friendly librarians a call or go online and fill out their “Suggest a Title” or similar acquisition form. You never know, they might just decide to carry a copy.

Year of the Sock FB Group BannerYear of the Sock

I’ve just begun working on my socks for April. I got a bunch of crochet sock pattern books from the library and now I can’t decide which pattern to try! I’m excited that so many of you are now interested in crocheting socks. I set up a Facebook group and anyone interested in sock crochet is welcome to join. Whether you are new to crocheted socks or a seasoned veteran, we’d love to have you. You don’t even need to be working on a pair to participate. I’m really interested in hearing your tips and tricks, what types of heel construction you have tried, what your favorite patterns are, and what sock yarn you like best. Together we’ll become crochet sock experts!

Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower Pillow Crochet Along

If you’re following The Big Acorn Race blog, you probably noticed my post this past week inviting crocheters to join the Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower Pillow Crochet Along. This pattern is just one of 15 super cute crochet patterns you’ll find in Squirrel Picnic’s very own The Big Acorn RaceThe pattern is a lot easier than it looks and extraordinarily entertaining. Each round takes you on an adventure! And I can’t wait to show you the way.

Tall n Fast Flower Facebook Group Banner

Starting April 19, follow along as we crochet this unique pillow over the course of 6 weeks. Each week you’ll receive a pdf newsletter right to your inbox with tips and tricks and detailed tutorial photos to guide you step by step.

In addition, when you sign up, you’ll be registered to win 1 of 2 yarn-filled prize bags, each containing over 1000 yards of yarn, which will be given through a random drawing of participants at the end of the 6 weeks. And best of all, you’ll get a personal email from Hodge and Podge, thanking you for your participation.

Sign up by emailing me at squirrelpicnic{at}gmail{dot}com with the words Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower CAL in the subject line. It’s as easy as that!

Then join the Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower Facebook group to share your experiences with the pattern and photos of your progress.

The Big Acorn Race Tea Party

Finally, on April 16 I will be hosting a tea party at Beatrice & Woodsley in Denver to celebrate the release of the book and to thank all the people that helped make it possible. This venue is so perfect for Squirrel Picnic. The décor inside is very woodsy and whimsical. It’s filled with aspen trees and moss-covered walls. The perfect hangout for some squirrel friends. I wish that I could invite you all, but it’s a pretty small space. I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and share them with you here later this month.

Thanks again for all your support. It means so much to me!

Love and hugs,