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The Great Cookie Countdown to Christmas Begins!

Crochet Christmas Cookie PlatterEvery year my company holds a Christmas cookie exchange in December. I’ve  participated for several years, but last year I was so busy with the blog that I didn’t have time to do any baking. I even joked with one of my coworkers that I should crochet the cookies instead. So this year, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I’ve designed 8 different crochet cookies: some of them are American favorites and some are popular all over the world. I’ll publish the patterns over the next few weeks, so you can make these cookies as well. They’ll look very festive on a platter or as ornaments on your tree. And I’ll be sure to let you know how my platter of crocheted cookies goes over at the company cookie exchange.

If you have a favorite cookie that you think I should try to re-create in yarn, let me know. I hope to make this a holiday tradition at the picnic and would love to try to include your cookie next year.

Cookie Directory

Basic Sugar Cookie

Candy Cane Sugar Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Cookie

Frosted Snowflake Sugar Cookie

Gingerbread Man

Pizzelle (Italian Waffle Cookie)

Wreath Spritz