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Big Acorn Race Update: Podge’s Garden


Join Podge as she shows us around her garden…

The Big Acorn Race

Podge in her gardenI have had so much fun crocheting everything for Podge’s garden over the last few months. This particular project stretched my crochet skills to the max. Every detail, from the pumpkins to the strawberries, was done freeform, without a pattern. I just made it all up as I went along. Having just finished creating the patterns for the book, this was actually a welcome change. I really enjoyed the playfulness and freedom of winging it and not having to worry about keeping track of a pattern. Although, I did jot down notes for each plant in case anyone is interested in crocheting a garden of their own. Let me know if you’d like to see this and I’ll work on a pdf download to release after the book early next year.

My practice of miniature crochet last year really came in handy, as each one of the plants in Podge’s…

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7 thoughts on “Big Acorn Race Update: Podge’s Garden

  1. Love Podges garden,especially the strawberries and pumpkin patch

  2. So lovely to look at. There will be lots of good things to eat at the picnic! 😀

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