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Hodge Says


Hodge says, “In summer, there’s nothing like reading at the park in the shade of a big tree. Where do you like to read?”

Hodge Says It's the Little Things


12 thoughts on “Hodge Says

  1. On a train while travelling home 🙂 Great feeling 🙂

  2. Signature of all things by Elizabeth gilbert.
    Grasshopper by Barbara Vine
    Book of Secrets by Tom Harper
    ps a VERY SPECIAL package of yarn arrived today! ❤

    • Your book list is excellent. Thanks for giving me some great ideas! Now to find some reading time. I might be reading on the bus next week. Always makes the time just fly. Ooooh, a yarn delivery. Love it!

  3. At The Beach. I hear the sound of the waves and go into the world of literature.

  4. Easy, “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. It was my vacation book for several years. Kept me out of trouble for hitting younger kids that hit me or threw sand or dirt on me. The other thing I did under a shade tree was fish. It’s a joke for my family about my love for the book. I also enjoyed reading “Scarlett”. I wish Margaret Mitchell had lived many years longer. Sharon Collins

    • Hi, Sharon! That was one of my favorite books when I was a kid too! My grandmother got me hooked. Every time I visited their house, she would watch the movie with me. I wish I had time to fish. I used to love doing that too. So relaxing.