Squirrel Picnic

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Hodge Says


Hodge says, “Nuts, you caught me. April Fools anyway! Wanna see the photocopy of my butt?”

Hodge with Photocopier

Happy April Fools!

Hodge's Photocopy of His Bum


17 thoughts on “Hodge Says

  1. Love your sense of humor, but THIS one????? Laughed till I cried!!! Thank you for making my day!!

  2. so cute

  3. Cute little bad squirrel! 🙂

  4. Im laughing out loud, thanks for making my day xx

  5. Giggles! Thank you for a squirrely April Fool’s joke 🙂


  7. Great Hodge! Now take that copy to the mimeograph machine and offer everyone a smell of the ink!