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Charm Exchange Part 4: Community


Our bracelets and necklaces are nearing completion as my friends and I met for another round of the charm exchange. I really admire how each artist has chosen to address the different themes, and it’s been really interesting to see how the variety of mediums used work together in each collection.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about this experience is the sense of community. Most artists spend a lot of time working on their craft alone in their studio or workshop or craft space. Collaborations like a charm exchange allow us to meet up with other artists, share our talents and expertise, learn about new mediums and techniques, and be inspired by the work of others… in addition to chatting about life and enjoying a good meal together.

Have you started a charm exchange like ours? Do you get together regularly with friends for craft nights? Let me know how you have developed a community around your craft and I’ll share your experience next time when we wrap up this series with our final charm exchange. Stay tuned for photos of our completed jewelry pieces and more information about how to start an exchange of your own. Until then, here are the newest additions to our charm bracelets and necklaces.

Erikia added a heart with lips charm and a punched-tin heart charm to Sylvie’s Eye Adore You Necklace.

Sylvie's Eye Adore You Charm Necklace January

Sylvie created a diorama charm with a moon and bat inside and a moth charm for Erikia’s In the Dark Necklace.

Erikia's In the Dark Necklace January

Alexandra sculpted two bird charms for Annie’s Birds & Flowers Necklace. She says they are around the size of a penny. Now that’s tiny!

Annie's Birds and Flowers Necklace January

Annie added a clown fish and a sea anemone made with fabric, beads, and shells to my Coral Reef Bracelet.

Jennifer's Coral Reef Charm Bracelet January

This time I crocheted tiny dolls for Alexandra’s Kokeshi Doll Bracelet.

Jennifer January

Alexandra's Kokeshi Doll Bracelet January

I was really inspired by all the support I received on last week’s post about making these. After this charm exchange is complete, I might try my hand at crocheting a tiny Squirrel Picnic scene to fit into an Altoid’s tin or something. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

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4 thoughts on “Charm Exchange Part 4: Community

  1. That sounds like a great deal of fun. Your coral reef reminds me of our Great Barrier Reef. I am always amazed how creative things bring people together. I am involved with an urban orchard, community veggie garden and produce swap/give away. I have met some really creative, lovely people. ❤

  2. I’ve had so much fun looking at all of these charms!!!! They are truly gorgeous, and I think I like your coral reef bracelet the best. 🙂 the tiny dolls you crocheted are darling! A tiny squirrel picnic scene would be so cool, too!

    I think that the coolest thing I’ve done centered around my craft was starting my community service knitting group (to make items like preemie hats)…it’s been so fun to teach other girls, and to meet so many people who are interested in yarn. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing about your community service knitting group. How cool! Not only are you helping to provide a needed service but you are getting to teach and meet lots of like-minded and creative people. Kudos to you, Grace. Rock on!