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The Sleepyz Blanket: Joining Forces


SleepyZsNow that I’ve crocheted a ton of Zs, it’s time to join them all together. You may remember from the original story that once the Sleepy Zs get a hold of you, they join forces to take you down (nap time!).

The idea is simple enough, but coming up with a method of joining all those Zs took me months to determine. You probably already know my problem… once again, I had to try things the hard way.

When my husband (the Ideas Man) and I came up with the concept for the Sleepyz Blanket, we had very different ideas in mind. While he said that in the construction of the final blanket it should be obvious that it is made out of Zs, I’ve held a totally different opinion: the Zs should go together to create a completely new design (that may not look like Zs at all). So for months I attempted to connect all these Zs with a join-as-you-go method that would only require two or three FOs. I eventually drew up a chart, decided on an arrangement, and started working on joining them, only to decide in the end that it was just too complicated. Also, the holes in between the Zs were far too big… even by crochet standards. I had to admit that the blanket that this would create would be flimsy and shapeless in the end. Here are some of the design concepts that I explored.

So it was back to the drawing board and time to consult the Ideas Man again. This time he elaborated on his vision of a blanket with Sleepyz sewn onto it like appliqués. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” I said. “I just spent months crocheting all these Zs and now I have to crochet a blanket for them to go on?!” It took me a while to warm up to this idea, but once I tried it out, I was convinced that it would look better than any of my other options.

Here’s the plan for the blanket. I came up with four very easy, but also very interesting double-crochet stitches. I’ll crochet long strips made up of blocks done in each of these stitches. Then I’ll sew the strips together and sew on the Zs as well. I might also add a border of Zs and another border in white. What do you think? Could this work?

Sleepyz Blocks

Best of all, this approach is still in keeping with the original story: the Sleepyz create a blanket in order to wrap you up and send you to dreamland. I’ve even named each of the double-crochet blocks so that I can write them into the story to show how they work together to make you drowsy.

It won’t be long now before it’s all done! I can’t wait to show you the comic that will illustrate the Sleepyz story too. I hope you’re looking forward to the exciting conclusion of this series as much as I am!

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10 thoughts on “The Sleepyz Blanket: Joining Forces

  1. I love the picture…but I also love the concept of this blanket and the fact that all the stitches have a story / idea behind them 🙂

  2. The blanket looks great, at least what I could see form first photo. Thats a big work you made yourself do 🙂
    Sewing each Z on top of the squares will really give you extra work., and that work will be the hardest all of all these Zs and squares.
    Thinking what could be done to make it easier but right now no ideas cross my mind. Story behind the squares is great!
    WIsh I can help you somehow 🙂
    Looking forward to see this blanket done. Colors are so beautiful and matching each other nicely. It will really be very, very nice blanket when finished.
    After all the work you put to make it, no wonder why will be called Sleepyz 😀

    • So true! Making a sleepyz blanket can make one sleepy! Thanks for your support. Making the large white blanket for the Zs to go on went really fast, much faster than I expected, and it was even more fun than making the Zs! I laid it all out last night and I’m so excited about how it looks. I think it’s much better than my original idea. I’m very excited to start sewing the Zs on now.

  3. Sad that your original idea didn’t work IRL – because that sound awesome!! I really love the idea on the first chart. But great that you’ve made the squares in the sleepy-theme. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress – sometimes the process is funnier than the finished project – but here they are equally exciting :o)

    • I’m so thrilled that you are enjoying this series. It’s funny, but it really has become a good example of my “process,” which isn’t much more than trial and error. 🙂

  4. totally awesome, looking forward to the finished product and story!