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Recordando a familiares y amigos, Día de los muertos


Muertos Mart

In Mexico, the Southwest U.S., and around the world in other cultures, Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos) is celebrated from October 31 through November 2. With Aztec roots, the holiday celebrates death as a rite of passage, just another step in the circle of life. It is a time to remember and honor family and friends who are deceased and take a moment to reflect on our own mortality.

You can take part in the festivities too with these vibrant traditions:

Build an alter to your loved ones.

Paint your face with calavera makeup.

Make sugar candy skulls.

Decorate your loved one’s grave and have a picnic.

Celebrate with others at a Day of the Dead festival, such as…

The Día de los Muertos Mart at the Pirate Gallery in Denver on Saturday, November 2.  From 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

There will be a big opening reception with piñatas for adults and children, a candlelight procession, and Aztec dancers.

Your very own Squirrel Picnic will also be in attendance at this year’s mart! I’ll be there with Hodge and Podge (in their costumes), selling sugar skull scarves and appliqués I designed and crocheted. I’m looking forward to meeting some really cool people and sharing the wonders of Squirrel Picnic with them.

If you find yourself in the Denver area this weekend, stop on by. There will be jewelry by Sylvie of Deviled Eggs Designs and Ranee of Autumn Moon. Annie will offer her deliciously detailed fiber art. Trish will sell her wicked aprons (I’ll be wearing mine!). And much, much more!

Skull Scarves and Appliqués by Squirrel Picnic

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4 thoughts on “Recordando a familiares y amigos, Día de los muertos

  1. Oh Jennifer, what an interesting post. As an Australian, most of this was new to me although I had vaguely heard of some of it but not known what it meant. I think the idea to devoting some time to our loved ones who have gone before is such a wonderful, loving idea. I think your skulls and scarfs are quite beautiful and I would definitely visit your stall if I were closer. 🙂

    • Thanks Sharon! I’m so glad that you liked the post and my scarves! It was a lot of fun last night. I ended up teaching several children how to crochet. You would’ve loved it!

  2. It is very peaceful time of the year during these days in Croatia. November 1st we even have a holiday. Graves are cleaned and decorated and candles are lit on the graveyards and at home. It is a time of the year when every one should take time to think about life and death. How fragile the life is; to appreciate the living as well as to respect the dead and deceived.
    Great post!! And love your crocheted sculls. This year intended to try making some but at the end didn’t find time. Yours are fabulous!

    • Thanks for sharing how this holiday is observed in Croatia. I agree with you that it is important to pause and remember those gone and how sacred life is. I enjoyed taking time yesterday to remember my grandparents.