Squirrel Picnic

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Hodge and Podge’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Laundromat


Easter or not, Hodge and Podge still had to do their laundry yesterday. To make the chore a little more interesting, they decided to hide plastic eggs with quarters in them for their fellow laundry patrons to find.

6 thoughts on “Hodge and Podge’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Laundromat

  1. Love this!! How cute and what a lovely gesture. I bet you made a few fellow laundry mat patron’s day.

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    What a super idea! Something for me to think about next year! or for Christmas or . . . ~ Linne

  3. Fab gesture. Well done Hodge and Podge.

  4. That’s fantastic, Linne! I love the squirrel picnic, too…awesome. ❤

  5. Hodge and Podge are so thoughtful! We need more squirrels like that in the world!