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Chocolate Chip Cookie Crochet Pattern

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pattern from Squirrel PicnicMany people would go so far as to argue that the chocolate chip cookie is Santa Claus’s favorite. One little girl I met recently insisted that you have to put chocolate chip cookies out before you go to bed on Christmas Eve, or Santa will just turn right around and go back up the chimney without leaving you a single present. So in case you find yourself cookie-less on Christmas Eve, you better whip up a batch of these chocolate chip cookies. Even if he can’t eat them, maybe Santa will be impressed by your ingenuity and creative spirit and leave that present you’ve got your heart set on.

With this final cookie pattern, I am ready to bring a platter of my crochet Christmas cookies to the company cookie exchange today. I can’t wait to see all their faces! I hope they like them. I’ll bring my camera and take lots of pictures to share with you later this week. See you then!

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