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Podge Says


Podge says, “Go fly a kite. No really — whether alone or with a crowd of hundreds, there’s nothing like it. I could watch them all day. There’s something about gazing up at a big open sky that puts the mind at ease.”

Podge Says Kite Festival

We attended the 12th Annual Arvada Kite Festival, and this shot doesn’t do it justice. At the height of the activity, there were hundreds of kites in the air. It was quite a sight to behold.


9 thoughts on “Podge Says

  1. I haven’t flown a kite since i was little, got no excuse not to do it though with having a grand daughter.

  2. There’s a kite festival organized in my original country too but can’t attend it…. 🙂 Well, maybe a bike ride counts too ?? 🙂 ??? I had the first ride today after 15 years and am quite happy even if my backside is badly hurting now…. LOL
    Bythe way, I wear the skull hoodie quite a lot, even today during my ride, but now is high time to wash it!! Do you have any indications for since I’m affraid to ruin it…

    • Bike rides are so much fun. Good for you! On a bike is a great way to explore the world. About the hoodie, it is quite a compliment that you have worn it so much. I’m tickled. I would recommend either washing it by hand or turning it inside-out and washing it on the delicate cycle of your washing machine. The hoodie shouldn’t bleed its color. I have washed several and never had any trouble with that. 🙂

  3. That’s easy for a squirrel to say…. they have no problem fetching the kite when it gets garbled up by the infamous kite eating tree! 😉