Squirrel Picnic

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SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): My Acorn’s Better


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19 thoughts on “SQUIRREL PICNIC (the comic): My Acorn’s Better

  1. amigurumi and comics. My two favourite things (that you can’t eat) This part of the cartoon made me think of the old song
    “torn between two squirrels, feeling like a fool” la la la something. Also the expression on Podges face when she is cross is perfect. Love it!

  2. Let’s see, Eric has gotten under Podge’s fur by starting a fight, left Hodge sad because he drove his squirrelfriend away, and even upset his robot who just wanted to learn how to crochet!!!! This rodent should be a James Bond villain!

  3. This is so stinkin’ cute!

  4. These little crocheted critters are so adorable!

  5. I’ve missed seeing what you’ve been up too! Love MEAP by the way.

  6. I love it that meap is learning to crochet.. πŸ™‚ awaiting the next episode