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Quinoa for Breakfast?

Please note: I promise that the next food article will be about something sinfully decadent to compensate for the healthfulness of this one!

This breakfast idea is for those of us who have just enough time in the average morning to scoop something into a bowl and eat it, but who also want that something to be nutritious and easily modified so we don’t get bored. That something, my friends, is surprisingly quinoa.

I discovered quinoa for breakfast when I got tired of having oatmeal every day. It was last Sunday, and I was looking ahead to the busy week and trying to plan some sort of menu. On a whim and because I had a ton of it that I needed to use, I made 1 cup of quinoa (3 cups cooked) and thought about what ingredients I would like to try with it. I ended up buying a variety of additions so that every morning throughout the week I could just heat a 1/2-cup serving of the quinoa in a microwave, mix in a little dairy and sweetener to taste, throw a few fixins on top and have a fast, satisfying, and completely healthy breakfast. I was so pleased to find that every combination I tried tasted great!

Here are the added ingredients that I experimented with. Mix and match your way through your week, and like me, you might find yourself actually looking forward to breakfast. I’ve found I like plain yogurt, honey, pecans, bananas, and cinnamon. What combination do you like best?


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