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Wreath Spritz Cookie Crochet Pattern

Wreath Spritz Crochet Cookie PatternIt’s time for the second cookie in our Great Cookie Countdown: the spritz! Spritz are a vanilla-flavored butter cookie from Germany and Scandinavia. “Spritz” or “sprintzen” in German means “to squirt,” which describes how the cookie is made. The dough is loaded into a cookie press and a trigger is pulled to squirt the dough through a metal template at the end of the barrel, which molds the cookie into a decorative shape, such as a wreath, flower, or star.

Crocheting in the back loop for every row creates a beautiful rib pattern that imitates the design of a spritz wreath. Traditionally these cookies are red, green, white, or beige, but feel free to use whatever color strikes your fancy. Add some sprinkles if you like by sewing on seed beads.

Visit the Great Cookie Countdown Page for the story behind this series and a complete directory of Christmas cookie ornaments.

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